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fabric stashWe have been collecting fabric forever, so much so that the cupboards are full.  For some of us the problem is,  there is no room to put any new fabrics.  So we have all made a decision to actually cut into the fabrics we have loved over the years.  Initially this will be very difficult as all of the fabrics are treasured and it seems a shame to cut them, not to mention that some of them are difficult prints to incorporate with other fabrics. We are making cot sized quilts or lap rugs. With them being smaller sized quilts we feel that we can get them finished without the task being onerous. This is also giving us the opportunity to create mystery quilts taking risks in mixing colours that we would not normally use, in the name of using up our fabric. This will enable and challenge us to further develop our skills in using colour, style, shapes and quilting. In looking through our stash we have discovered long forgotten unfinished projects that have now come into the light of day to be completed. We decided to enter the age of technology and develop this Blog as a way of recording our journey and meeting other Clothworkers and to gain exposure to other techniques and styles. Please be patient with us as we learn how to navigate a Blog.

You will see at  times postings completed individually or collectively.The Quote for today

I sent my kid to college so I could store fabric in her room.