Washing fabrics


Don’t forget to wash your fabrics before using. I had a nightmare of a job today when I discovered that the colours ran in one of the fabrics that I had included in this quilt that I was working on. The fabric was one that I had dyed myself sometime ago. I had thought that it was colour fast, not so. I had completed the top of the quilt so then spent hours removing those triangles and replacing them with others. This was a huge learning curve, unpicking and replacing pieces is not a task that I want to repeat in a hurry. This project nearly ended up in the bin but I am happy now that I did complete it. We have tried to reduce the size of the photo we could not manage it. As we said using the Blog is a new skill we are trying to develop.  10/4/14 Today I edited this post and managed to delete the original photograph and added a new one which I hope has  been reduced. Hurray. Ilene

Stash Buster Colourful Chevrons