Half Square Triangles…


I received a Sizzix Big Shot machine for Christmas after seeing it demo’d at the Quilting Expo held late last year here.

The Sizzix machine has opened up a whole world of quilting for me… it’s early days, and I have now completed a chevron quilt and have become somewhat obsessed with googling “half square triangle quilts” and Sizzix dies. I may have also converted Mum into a Sizzix fiend too after much insistence from her that she wouldn’t have much use for such a device.

Half square triangles

Quilted with backing

Green chevron

The chevron quilt above was made using 4 fat quarters that were in Mum’s stash.

As far as dies go… I love the look of the tumbler and have been slicing lot’s of fabric into tumblers. But I have not been doing anywhere near enough sewing to match the cutting output.

To the credit of the dies, it is remarkable how efficient it is to cut the triangles (or tumblers), in terms of time and fabric usage. The triangles have pre-cut corners which makes piecing the quilt (for a beginner like me) easier, although I do need to concentrate on getting nicer points at the joins for the triangles.