A modern twist


When I think of hexagons I think of quilts from a bye gone time which I really like the look of but they have not been something I have ever wanted to work with because I did not want to do a lot of hand sewing which I had always associated with the hexagon. Then I saw a quilt on Brigitte Giblins Feathering the nest site which incorporated hexagons with triangles. The introduction of equilateral triangles with the hexagons meant that the pattern could be entirely sewn by machine. I love patchwork patterns that have stars in them and this was an added bonus with Brigitte’s pattern as the background fabric formed a secondary star pattern.

I happened to have two charm packs in the cupboard that were nice fresh colours. This seemed a good way to use those charm packs as they could be extended by the use of another fabric for the background. I think by using fresh and bright colours the effect will be a more modern version of the hexagon quilt.

Any way I have cut out all the hexagons and triangles,

hexagons and triangles cut

hexagon fabrics

Moda Terrain charm packs

which are now pinned together ready for sewing later in the week.

hexagon pinned hexagons pinned stack

My friend Ilene is working on the same pattern but she is working it in two colours.  It will be interesting to see how different each one looks when they are finished.  Ilene is making a start on hers later this week and I am sure she will be posting about it.