Owl quilt finished


A couple of months ago I went to one of my favourite quilt shops with a friend, just to have a look.  I was very restrained and only bought the owl fabric.  When I bought the fabric I made a pledge to myself that I would make something out of it sooner rather than later. I am very pleased with myself because I stayed focussed, used the owls and was able to incorporate some other small pieces of material that I already had at home.


I am still working on some other unfinished projects, one is a table runner that I started about 18 months ago.  I finished piecing the top and that was as far as I went with it.  But I am pleased to say that today I sandwiched it, and now I just have to decide how I am going to quilt it.

I also sandwiched a hexagon and triangle baby quilt I am making for a friend’s daughter, who is due to have her baby in a couple of months time.  I am feeling very optimistic about getting it finished before the baby arrives.

My next project will be a quilt for my great nephew who is now 6 weeks old.  I had plenty of notice but just could not decide on a design.  Over the weekend I ordered some Winnie the Pooh fabric from America which I expect will arrive in the next week or so. When I asked my nephew and his wife what would they like on a baby quilt they said they liked Winnie the Pooh.

I am thinking that I will use the Winnie the Pooh fabric for the back.  Still not sure how I will do the top, but hopefully I will get some inspiration in the very near future or at least before he grows up.

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