Winter cheer, bright happy scraps, and projects revisited


In Adelaide we will soon be leaving autumn and heading into winter.  These hyacinths looked beautiful and will make the approaching winter days much more bright and colourful. They are just outside our back door, so I get to look at them every time I walk by.

HYACINTH 1 resized


I recently decided to go through my offcuts and divide them into lights, mid and dark tones.  These were the pieces that were far too small to do much with, but either too large or too many to throw out.  Once they were divided into their tonal ranges I fell in love with the yellows and decided to start making something with them.


scrap fabrics

I had some triangle papers which I had never used so I decided to use them.  Although the bundles of fabric didn’t look very big, I soon found that I will have a LOT of triangles by the time I finish sewing them all up.


Here is a photo of the table runner that I started about 18 months ago. It is about five feet long, I decided to make it for our dining room table.  The pattern has Y seams, and with some patience and careful pinning I managed to get them to sit nicely. I have always wanted to make a quilt with baby blocks, but the Y seams had always put me off from trying the baby blocks, but I reckon I could tackle them now.  Another project for the future.

 runner 2


This is a picture of a quilt I am making for my friends baby which is due in mid July.

hexagon 2


Like the table runner I will have work out how I am going to quilt it.  Quilting is the part I struggle with the most.  I look at other peoples quilting and love how they are able to come up with designs.  I seem to get anxious about making the quilting a feature and tend to opt for designs that are inconspicuous.   I don’t seem to be able imagine how a quilting design will look on the fabric, no matter how many photos and books I refer to.  Somehow I need to push past the trepidation and just do it.

I think the idea of ever catching up is really an illusion because as each project is finished, another four, eight, sixteen, thirty-two (you get the picture) start to take shape. The list of projects grows each day.

I recently bought some cute children’s panels, this is one of them.  I thought they would be good to practice my quilting.

flowergirl 3 best