Hexagons are not my favourite shape but I felt it important to make at least one Hexagon quilt. Most Hexagon patterns use the patterned fabric for the Hexagon and a plain fabric for the background, I reversed the fabrics and am pleased with the result. My husband particularly liked this quilt. In all the years that I have been sewing he has always made positive comments about what I have been working on, but he actually looked very closely at this quilt saying he was surprised about the amount of work and sewing there is in a quilt.

It is really important to have the grain of the fabric correct when joining the pieces together as it will impact on how the strips are managed when joining those.

. Image

I marked the straight grain of the Hexagon with a pin to ensure that the straight grain was correct.


When working I lay out rows of fabric pieces and chain sew which means continual sewing, less time and less  waste of thread.


All joined together


I am going to include a narrow blue band in the border which will lift the blue in the patterned fabric. My quilting follows the inside of the Hexagon shape.


Only the border and binding to complete. I am happy with the result of this quilt. It is still not my favourite shape but I may in the future make a Hexagon quilt using the patterned fabric for the Hexagons to see if I feel differently about the result.


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