Ilene’s snuggle rug



Double Wedding Band 4

Double Wedding Band

My own snuggle rug. This was my introduction to Patchwork and Quilting.  In 1993 I completed a twelve hour overnight workshop that ran from 8pm till 8am at Quilts and Threads – which unfortunately closed down some time ago. Most of the night was spent cutting out and I managed to complete one block. The top of the quilt had to be assembled in a particular order otherwise it became more complicated to piece together. On more that one occasion I had to unpick because I did not follow the sequence. I found it frustrating and would toss it into the bottom of the cupboard, many times it came close to going into the bin. It took me a number of years to complete. In 2007 I decided to finish it or get rid of it, it still took a long time to finish. Once I had completed the top I made enquiries about having it Custom Quilted I did not want it quilted all over. It was expensive to get quilted so I decided to do it myself. The quilt is king sized and heavy to handle which meant I needed to pace myself. I cursed it some days but managed to complete it and love it so am happy that I persevered. I am much more confident with my quilting now so probably would not find it such a huge challenge, but I will never know as I am not planning to make another Double Wedding Band. Happy Quilting. Ilene