Corduroy Skirt


After a hectic Saturday organising a seventh birthday party and attending Miss L and Mr A’s violin concert, I set the sewing machine on the dining table to nut out a little skirt for Miss E. It was pretty well a bite the bullet kind of situation, I had bought some bright pinwale corduroy  and some lightweight ladybug linen from my local Spotlight for the skirt.

photo 2-9

Ladybug linen and corduroy

I could see it in my mind’s eye, a lined tube in an A line style with belt loops and sash to cinch in the waist… no zips or buttons.

First Step: This is the template (below)… I made this a little larger than a quarter of the the wearer’s waist at the top which graduates to double in size at the bottom of the skirt. This piece is cut twice and cut on the fold for both the outer fabric and the lining fabric.

photo 3-5

cut on the fold twice

photo 1-6

Lining is also cut on the fold twice

Second Step: I the sewed the lining and outer fabric right sides together along the top of the skirt and bottom of the skirt… this also creates the hem for the skirt and has a bit of a balloon effect (did not take a photo at this stage, and I apologise for above step not reading clearly)

Third Step: After turning both the front and back of the skirt right sides out, I joined the front and back together with the outer layer facing right sides in along the sides.

photo 1-7

Inside out but sewn together at the sides

Fourth & Final Step: I created a belt from the corduroy fabric and loops by cutting out some of the print of the corduroy fabric and reinforcing this onto the back of the skirt in two places

photo 2-10

Belt loops made from shapes within the pattern

photo 3-6


Okay, Okay, the very last step… get said child into skirt and take photos 🙂 Would love to see other people’s easy sewing projects, feel free to put your post link for easy to sew clothing in the comments below. To see other people’s craft projects stop by USS Crafty


Tadaa! All ready for a day out

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