Log Cabin



The design Log Cabin quiet literally means ‘built from logs’ in this pattern fabric strips are sewn around a central square, the strips depicting the logs joined together at the ends to create a step effect. The central square represents the fireplace. In the early days red or black were always used for the central square, red denoting a burning fire and black an extinguished one. These days the colour of the central square is more often matched to the other colours used in the quilt. The rest of the block is worked diagonally with a light half and a dark half, the light half catching the firelight while the dark half is in shadow. Log Cabin Patchwork, by Willemien Mak 1992

This book has a number of different designs for log cabin quilts.

For my quilt the blue central square was used to match the other colours as this is another quilt using fabrics from my Stash.

Wash the fabrics. My neighbours must laugh when they see my washing on the line as it is all strange shapes, and colours. I hope they know that these are pieces of fabric that I use to make quilts and I am not wearing some strange garments.

  line 2

Press the fabric

I have cut my fabric into 1 ½ inch strips. No special lengths as I am using fabrics from my stash which are pieces of various sizes. The 12 blocks I am making will each be different as some of the fabrics only have one or two strips – mystery quilt, exciting. I will be using light and dark shades. I use a flat cutlery box to lay out my fabrics in rows of light and dark shades so I can clearly see all of the strips. If I need to pack them away I just put on the lid, easy.

in the box

Before I start to assemble the quilt I put a pin into centre square, the head of the pin marks the top of the block. It provides a guide to keeping me on track with what strip to sew next and the light, dark halves of the block.

lay out

I have pressed all of my seams open to avoid bulkiness on the corners which could impact on my quilting later.

I will make 12 x 8 1/2 inch blocks for this quilt and add a four inch border in a blue tone

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Happy quilting