Christmas wall decoration


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My sister sent me this printed panel years ago after I had admired hers which she had completed and made into a wall hanging. Of course I decided to bead the whole of the snowmen and the Christmas Tree with glass beads, my sister had done a smattering of beading. It has taken a long time to get this far. It has been the type of project that comes out from time to time in the winter months. Today I am celebrating the completion of the Christmas Tree. I only have some of the snowmen’s boots to bead and then it will be ready to quilt. I will use a cotton batting and green backing fabric.  I am not sure what quilting stitch I will use but more than likely it will be my favourite, stippling. I will also add a pocket that will go across the full width of the back for the rod to hang it up. I weighed it this morning because it has got quite heavy with all the beading, it weighs 794 grams which equals a lot of beads.

When it is finished I have to consider how to store it. Folding it is not good particularly where there are straight beads as their sharp edges cut through the threads. I also have to be mindful that people want to touch it which also causes the threads to break. My sister has had to repair hers several times because her enthusiastic visitors have rubbed the beading. I think that the best way to store it is by rolling it and I will make a calico bag for it.  Someone told me, or I read that moths don’t like calico – not that I have ever had a moth problem but I would not be happy if moths suddenly took a liking to this. The conflicting information on the internet about what moths do and do not eat was not helpful so I will just go ahead with the calico bag. Another project almost completed.  It has been a great year for completing lots of my outstanding projects which is fantastic.

This week I also completed the Blue Christmas Table Runner. As I complete my projects they move out of the cupboard of things to do, into the gift cupboard and then out of the house into the world of someone’s Birthday or Christmas or just a Happy Day gift.  It is a great feeling to know that someone is getting enjoyment out of our projects – I still have enough of those ufo’s to keep me going for a while but I can now see a dent in them. Happy quilting.

blue table runner1     blue table runner 2_edited-1



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Happy Quilting.