Purple Batik Quilt As You Go



Wow!!! I cannot believe it is has been so long since I added a post to our Blog- although I have been quilting. The time has certainly flown by. It has just been very busy. I did manage to complete a quilt in purple  Batik fabrics that several people brought me back from their travels. This was for a special person for Christmas. I made 12 inch ‘quilt as you go’ blocks using a variety of block designs.

I found the blocks in many places including books, magazines, internet search. For those playing at home, I have a folder of some of the blocks used and will collate and upload shortly.

I particularly enjoyed making up the blocks and laying them out in an ad hoc way creating the finished layout. Many of the quilts I have made have been created in this way. I am always pleased with the finished quilt.

Happy quilting. Ilene