Time + Inspiration = Quilt


A visit to local quilt shop on my birthday, was very fruitful – I picked up “Handcrafted” by Alison Glass for Andover which I’m using for a friend’s (gender unknown) baby due in May:

After googling this collection, I wish there had been more of this in our local shop- really beautiful!

Back to the task at hand- each piece is 30cm wide, my initial thought was to do 4 x 20cm strips, and 4 x 10cm strips. this changed in the process to just the 4 x 20cm strips and using the remaining strips for binding:


Now, a sneak peek at my play with backing fabrics-

Side note, is this fabric strangely attractive to anyone else? like some kinda giant octopus technicolour yawn?


Anyway, when the stars align and you find yourself with a few minutes to think about what you would actually like to be doing vs. what you’re doing, good things happen- like, a very simple pattern, for a small baby sized quilt to showcase the fabrics and a one of a kind gift.

Stay tuned for final quilt 🙂