Table cloth to shirt


A few years ago I went to a sewing group run by a retired TAFE teacher, but I stopped attending about three or so years ago.  Last term I decided to return to the group as a way of re-generating my enthusiasm for sewing.  The “teacher” is fantastic at pattern alteration and knows how to modify patterns to suit all figure types.

Besides having too much quilting fabric, I also have a significant amount of dress making fabric.  Most of which was bought for making children’s clothes.  So going back to a dress making group seemed like a good way to begin using up some of the fabric.

During this year I also vowed to not buy any more fabric of any kind until I had made a significant dent in my own cupboard which is full of forgotten surprises.

Dress makers like quilters are prone to accumulate large quantities of material.

This is also true for the women who attend the sewing group, who bring fabric to the group and offer it for sale at irresistible prices..

I resisted buying anything for some weeks but I could not resist the damask that one woman bought in. Her mother had purchased it many, many years ago and she is no longer able to sew.

It was white damask, normally used for table cloths and usually embossed with a floral design.  However, this particular piece (pictured below) was very different.


There was 20 metres or more of this fabric, and many of the women at the group purchased some metres to make tablecloths for Christmas.

I thought  it was too lovely to only be seen once or twice a year and decided it would make a nice top, hence my resolution went out of the window and I have added to my collection.

However I am going to sew it up straight away and not put it in the cupboard.

This is the pattern I am using, a simple long sleeved shirt pictured on the right hand side of the pattern sleeve.

shirt pattern

This is the fabric cut out and tailor tacked, ready for the sewing machine.

pattern cut out

It will take a week or two to finish as I am only going to work on it at the weekly sewing group.

Thanks for reading and I hope to post a picture of the finished item in the very near future.