Update on Table cloth shirt


I made a decision to only work on this shirt at the Tuesday sewing group I attend, hence it will take a little longer to finish than it should as I spend quite a bit of my time at the group chatting instead of sewing.

This post is just a quick update on the progress of the shirt.  The collar is almost completely attached and the pocket is in place. The next step is the sleeves, cuffs and of course the button holes of which the placement is marked with the orange threads, then it will be ready to wear.

After seeing the shirt today,  one of the other women in the group is now considering using her piece of table cloth fabric to make a shirt as well.  It would be nice if she does,  I think it is a more respectful use of the fabric than a table cloth.

This is the shirt so far.  Ooops,  I forgot to iron it for the photograph 🙂

white shirt.jpg