Zig Zaggy Elephant- Completed


There must be something in the water- I finish one baby quilt and another baby is on its way 🙂 This time I have beat the baby’s arrival and have the quilt finished months in advance! You see, I am finishing off a quilt top I started in April 2014- earlier posts below:



Funnily enough 2 years later I couldn’t remember if the green squares were deliberate or a mistake, but  my entries on here tell me I decided that the squares were the way to go. Anyway, scrappy stripes added to the bottom to give the blanket a little more length.

Zig Zag 3

One of the hardest parts of finishing a quilt top that has been around for a couple of years is trying to find fabrics that match. Fortunately I was able to find a geometric print that was white and with the right kind of minty/turquoise colour for the backing and a fabric for binding that is a nice busy pattern in a very similar red to the original fabrics I had used.

This quilt was quilted using circles randomly positioned on the quilt- here is mum using fabric marker Sewline Styla around dinner plates to draw the circles onto the backing, quilting the circles and attaching the binding.

and the finished quilt below- wrapped and waiting for its new owner to arrive 🙂