Special People = Special Quilts


20160428_083813I have enjoyed making a number of quilts that have been special gifts for special people. I recently completed two large single bed quilts for my sister and had the joy of delivering them in person to her in England. My sister had asked me to make her a quilt after seeing some photographs of others that I had made. These were a gift for her fortieth wedding anniversary that she and her husband will celebrate later this year. She loved them and my other sisters and sister in laws wanted them. When planning these quilts I was determined to use up all the burgundy and dark reds that were in my stash. These were colours left over from a huge king sized quilt I made some years ago for my son and his wife, that also had matching cushions. Later I used those left overs to make a snuggle rug for my dear friend Anne when she was so sick. That dark red and burgundy stash just kept growing. These two quilts were my chance for a real stash buster, to use them up and not to purchase any fabric in those colours for these quilts, I am pleased to say that I didn’t. I created up some blocks as I went along which was not always easy as some of the ‘scraps’ were really, really getting close to being put in the bin. I was very strict with myself only buying some additional calico which was fantastic. I still have some scraps in my stash but feel that I can, without guilt, leave those alone for a while now. The quilting design was mainly stitched in the ditch or quarter inch from the seams which I think suited these quilts. I used masking tape as the stitching guide for the calico blocks as I am always cautious about using any of the markers or chalks on my quilts because of the different stories I hear about quilters not being able to remove the marks easily or successfully.

I had a fantastic trip visiting my family in England. The one complaint I have is that the time went by so quickly. I did enjoy a visit to one quilt shop, the Bramble Patch near Daventry.  Unfortunately my sisters are not quilters so don’t get the same ‘high’ visiting fabric and quilt shops. I am now looking forward to completing a couple of other projects and planning something new. Great time of the year for quilting and sewing while we are spending more time inside. Happy Quilting. Ilene