Christmas Tree Table Runner


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It seems very early to start with the Christmas planning but the time flies by so quickly so I thought I would make a start. I also wanted to send a Christmas table runner to my brother and his wife in England and had the opportunity of sending it with someone who was going on holiday to the UK. Unfortunately I forgot to take a photograph of theirs when I finished it. Theirs is in the green shades, I have asked my brother to send me a photo so will add it to our post later.

I particularly liked this design, Chrystal Palace Tree Table Runner by Studioefabrics—crystal-palace-tree-table-runner-by-studio-e.htm. This is one of the many free patterns they offer to down load. I particularly like the traditional colours of Christmas the reds, greens, gold and creams. As I had plenty of these colours in my stash I was able to continue with my goal to use as much out of the stash rather than rushing off to purchase more fabrics. I am amazed at how much fabric I have in ‘the stash’ and am sure that someone is adding to the pile when I am not looking. Working on the smaller project this time was great, certainly not as tiring on the arms.

As I prepared and cut out the fabrics I attached a sample to the corresponding instruction. I found this extremely helpful when assembling the table runner.

I still have a number of projects (UFO) on the go but they will be completed I don’t know when but they will be. I will also continue to march on with my goal of using fabric from my stash rather than purchasing more. We, Maxine, Caitlin and I are looking forward to completing the Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt using fabric from ‘our stash’.

Happy quilting Ilene