Quilt as you go




Back to Back, Quilt as you Go

What I love about this quilt is the ‘Quilt as you go’ technique. I chose the blocks from the many different books I have, so thank you to all those people out there who write the many books on quilting and design that give us so much pleasure to enjoy and use. Once I completed the blocks I laid them out on the floor continually moving them around until I was happy with the layout. I did find it helpful leave it for a while coming back to it several times before making the final decision. Many of the quilts that I have made are ‘mystery quilts’ until they are nearly finished. I am always surprised at how good they look.

I used the ‘Back to Back’ technique when joining these blocks. The blocks are joined by placing the wrong sides together and joining them with a 3/8 inch seam. The seams are pressed open and a 1 inch sashing strip is stitched on the right side, covering the seam. The blocks are joined in rows then the rows are joined using the same method. When joining rows of blocks care needs to be taken to ensure that sashing strips line up at the intersections. If you find there is too much bulk when stitching across the joining blocks carefully trim off some of the bulk. I only needed to do this a couple of times. The ‘Back to Back’ technique is great for applique and embroidered blocks but not recommended for pieced blocks as the sashing alters the shape of the pieces. I was happy with this method for my quilt and enjoyed learning another technique, which I will certainly be using again.

See Pauling Rogers – Quilt as you go, at Pauline’s Quilters World http://www.pqw.com.au for more information on the ‘Back to Back’ technique.
Happy Quilting Ilene