BOM convert


A few years ago my daughter, Cait, subscribed to a Block of the month project and suggested I join her.  I decided not to because I thought I would not have stick-ability and that I would become impatient waiting for each block pattern to be released.  In spite of my un-enthusiastic outlook Cait went ahead with the BOM and completed a large quilt that looked great.  She said the BOM gave her the confidence to tackle a large project.

Last year she decided to join another BOM and again suggested I join in with her.  Initially I said I wasn’t really interested and then I remembered the great result she obtained and somewhat reluctantly agreed to reconsider.

Cait found the Meadow Mist mystery quilt for 2016 but was unable to participate, however I decided to give it a go.  I am so pleased that I did join in.  Instead of losing enthusiasm the opposite happened.  Each month I eagerly anticipated the arrival of the next set of instructions and wondered if the fabric choices I made at the beginning would work once all the blocks were put together.  This was a mystery quilt right until the end and for me this made the whole process even more interesting and exciting.  A block a month proved to be extremely manageable and broke the whole process into bite size steps.


Completed top of Meadow Mist Mystery quilt

So, this year I have decided to join in again and have registered with three BOM’s.  For me the important factors in deciding which BOM’s to join were:

  1. Each block is a mystery until it is released, no preview of the finished quilt layout or block, this keeps up the excitement factor.
  2. Preferably the total amount of fabric required for each colour or tonal value is given at the beginning of the programme so I can sort through what I already have in the cupboard
  3. It is a good way to use fabrics that I have found either difficult to use or that have been left over from other projects.  This is great because I am resisting buying new fabric until I make a bit of a dent in what I already have.  There are some beautiful fabrics l would like to buy but I cannot justify until there is room for new ones in the cupboard.
  4. I don’t have to commit to purchasing fabric to participate.  Of course if I am short on a particular colour I will buy some to make up the short fall.

The three BOM’s that I have registered for are;

Aurifil’s Designer of the month, each month a new designer develops a block based on a particular colour. It was the idea of colour as the monthly theme that got me interested. I am waiting for the second Designer of the Month block which is due to be released on the 15th of February.

January’s designer was Janet Clare  and blue was the colour she designed for.

Pat Sloan’s Free mystery club, the 2017 Children’s library.  This is designed to help use fabrics from existing stashes.  I have completed the first two blocks from The children’s library, the blocks are released on the first of the month.

Gathering 2017 mystery quilt  at Cora’s quilts.  Fabric kits are available for purchase but from the information provided on the site it seems the block patterns are free until the programme is ended.  They have also provided up front information about the amount of fabric required for each tonal value.  So I am guessing I can participate and ideally use fabric I already have.  There are no photos for the Gathering yet as the first information is not released until late March.

Cait is doing the Children’s library BOM,  my friend Ilene is doing the Aurifil Designer of the month and I am doing all three.  It will be interesting to see how different each of our blocks look as we all have very different colour preferences.

Thanks for reading