‘The best quilt ever’


scrappy                  Oscar

This is truly a scrappy quilt. these pieces were left over from a number of quilts from the past. I was recently tidying/sorting my stash and found these bits. I  made a decision to sew them up rather than throw them in the bin. I have difficulty throwing fabric in the bin, even when they are small pieces so I have a number of zip lock bags with left over pieces from various projects.

Our Grandson was visiting, and not feeling well so I made him up a bed on the floor letting him choose what quilt he would like that day. He woke saying that was ‘the best quilt ever’ and he had had the ‘best sleep’ because that quilt was so comfortable. This is just what we want to hear about our quilts. A great success, so I will be making more of the ‘best quilts ever’ using up more of those left over pieces. I encourage you all to use up those scraps because there is someone out there that will also love your quilts.

Happy Quilting Ilene