Another Mystery BOM


It is time to add to our blog it has been a while since I added a post. It is not that I haven’t been sewing. I am  currently working on 5 – 6 quilts. You may ask why not one at a time? Well no particular reason, it just happened ha! ha! I am making a number of quilts for my family in England and as some of them are visiting in the next few months I need to get them all finished. I then have to beg the visitors to take them back with them, I haven’t told them yet ha! ha! I can almost hear them cursing me already. So no time to work on my own batik quilt for the rest of this year (I think).

Maxine, Caitlin and I have been working on various Mystery BOM quilts presented by Pat Sloan and Cora’s Quilts and Meadow Mist Designs. All very exciting. This is one I have been working on from Pat Sloan, I Love to Make Quilts, 182 Day Solstice Challenge Blocks. Each month I received the instruction for another block, 25 in all.  The blocks could be made in  various sizes or 12 inch, I did the various sizes.  I haven’t finished this top yet. It is a large quilt and I am considering breaking it up and making it into two. I used a lot of brown and cream that I have had in my stash for ages, and added a little red. I loved working on it and love all the blocks but am not totally happy with my layout so want to brighten it up somehow. This is the joy of quilting not happy, add some more blocks or borders or move the blocks around, change the layout until you are.

Mystery BOM quilts are a great way of keeping up and further developing our skills, some blocks have applique, not my favourite sewing technique but it is good to practice, and this block looks great. The blocks have different shaped pieces, different sizes. I enjoy the ‘mystery’ and it is a way of using up some the ‘stash’. It is exciting every month waiting for the next the next set of instructions. Each site have slightly different ways of presenting their BOM. For Pat Sloan it was a total mystery, we did not know before hand, the size of the blocks, what fabric would be required or any hint of the block design. For Cora’s Quilts we received instructions for all fabric and cutting at the beginning, but no idea until near the end how the blocks would be joined or how the finish might look, For Meadow Mist Designs we also received fabric and cutting instructions at the beginning.

We would all recommend taking the plunge and having a go at a BOM there are a whole lot of sites that offer BOM and many are free.

Happy sewing and quilting Ilene