Clothworkers is a collaboration between family and friends. We enjoy working together and independently, experimenting with fabrics using colour, technique and technology to broaden our personal and collective knowledge.

Clothworkers aims to share our experiences with you and seek to learn from others.

Our backgrounds are varied, our interests differ although our main focus is patchwork… which may change.

Clothworkers spans 3 generations of sewers, who will be the main contributors. Clothworkers is Ilene, Maxine, Caitlin & Luca who motivate and inspire one another.


For me sewing is like taking care of the soul. I have been sewing since I was 9 years. My mother insisted that we all learn to sew as we never knew when we would need that skill. Thank goodness for Mum.


I believe having knowledge and skills gives freedom, enjoying those skills is an added bonus. Understanding the means of production develops an appreciation for the skills and efforts of others.  I also happen to love colour and natural fibres and collecting fabric.


Basic sewer with grand ideas. Enjoys adding to her mum’s stash.


Apprentice, keen learner.